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Featured Apartments -Bucharest Center

Apartment for sale

Near the Intercontinental Hotel

5 rooms, 130 sqm Built, 2/9 floor.


Price - 130,000 euro

Apartment for sale

Mendeleev street

2 rooms, 54 sqm built, 1/6 floor

Risk 2.

The apartment is rented at 475 euros per month.
Price -  85,000 euro

Apartment for sale

Jean-Louis Calderon street

2 rooms, 45 sqm built, 5/6 floor.

Risk 2.

The apartment is rented at 450 euros per month

Price - 77,000 euro

Apartment for sale

Vasile lascar street

3 room, 75 sqm built, 4/5 floor.

 Risk 2 .

Price - 110,000 euro



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