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Surveying, registration and distribution

We specialize in parcellation of large plots of land for efficient land utilization. As known, selling large plots of tens of thousands of square meters requires a buyer with significant financial means. Our expertise allows our customers to divide the land they own into small land units. At the end of the process, each land unit will have registration documents, which allow to sell the units quickly to any potential client.

Every land plot is checked by a surveying agency, with which we have been collaborating for about ten years. We visit the property and meet the surveyors, who show us the exact location of the land via the most innovative technological means available, accompanied by paperwork and images.


Among our specialties – visit the property prior to acquisition, along with our experts, in order to show the client the exact location of the land designated for acquisition.


Unfortunately, there it became a phenomenon that land planned to be acquired appears to be in a completely different location than initially presented. We offer the service of accurate land identification across Romania.


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