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Project management in Romania

Since 1991, we have been engaged in management of construction projects in Israel, and since 2010 – in Romania as well. Our extensive knowledge in the field allows us to manage construction projects with outstanding results, while cooperating with a Romanian engineering agency. We manage rezoning projects and building permits with close supervision across all projects, while fully applying our extensive experience in the field.

Successful projects completed in Romania:

  • Construction of a private-home neighborhood in Corbeanca (8 km from the center of Bucharest).

  • Construction of 14 apartments in Corbeanca.

  • 6 residential buildings in Bucharest.

  • Renovation and betterment of dozens of apartments in Bucharest.


Projects under construction:

  • A neighborhood of 58 villas in Corbeanca.

  • Building 35 out of 175 apartments in Bucharest.

  • Renovation of a 14-apartment building in the center of Bucharest.

  • Renovation and betterment of 4 apartments in the center of Bucharest.

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