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New property secure acquisition package

New property secure acquisition package – all-inclusive.


  1. Support until the suitable property is detected.

  2. Support regarding opening a bank account in Romania.

  3. Support in obtaining a mortgage for those eligible.

  4. Legal support by an attorney on our behalf, as well as support on our part until reaching the final acquisition agreement and delivering the property.

  5. Referral to a property management company.

  6. Supporting the process of selecting tiles, parquet, doors, kitchen, sanitary utensils and any modification a customer may require.

  7. Refer to professionals if the client wants to make changes in  the apartment that are not provided by the contractor.

  8. Accompanying a certified English interpreter to the English language on the day of signing the agreement (required by law for those who are not fluent in Romanian language) - up to two hours.

  9. Registration of the property in the home committee and municipality (involves the cost of a notarized power of attorney).


  • The cost of the secure acquisition package is €2999 per property of up to €100,000.

  • If the price of the property is over €100,000, we provide the same services for a fee amounting to 4% of the property’s price.

  • The package do not include purchase taxes and notary taxes.

  • We are Commitment to provides security and peace of mind to the customer throughout the sale process.

  • Brokerage fee without package-3% of property value

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