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We work in collaboration with a specialized company in changing the designation of agricultural land to areas for construction, such as private-home neighborhoods, residential buildings, office buildings, shopping centers, etc.

Rezoning process:

  • After receiving all land related documents from the client, we apply to the municipal engineering department in the relevant area to obtain data aimed to allow the client to maximize construction rights.

  • After initial approval from the municipality, we collaborate with our architects to plan and divide the land in order to achieve the maximum building percentage for future construction.

  • This planning requires us to meet with the city architect, city engineer, and our surveyors, in order to know the accurate land location.

  • We obtain all approvals and conduct land inspections related to the process and until the final approval is provided, certifying that the land is permitted for construction and will be registered accordingly in the Land Registry documents.


The goal: at the beginning of the process, the agricultural land is registered in the Land Registry as an unincorporated land, and at the end of the process, the land registry documents will state the land is “permitted for construction”.

This process is called P.U.Z. in Romania.

The duration of this process from beginning to end is 8-14 months.

We offer these services anywhere in Romania.

We personally serve as guarantors until obtaining the form that proves the rezoning.

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